Alysium, an isometric RPG for iPhone using Cocos2d. This is something I started a way back, made some good progress but lost the way a little. Another game that's been condemned to live the rest of it's life on my hard-drive.

I did play around with a few different names for this one, I think even 'Mystery dungeon explorers of darkness' came into my head, but was way too long to fit on the screen.

Others included 'Sherwood Dungeon', but that was already taken, 'Rogue Warrior', 'Scarlett Rouge', 'Rogue Legendary Quest' and anything else that had the word 'Rogue' in it.

This uses Reiner's incredible tile sets that can be found here The level was created using Tiled map editor

Alysium a 2D RPG made with Cocos2d

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