Amulet of Destiny

Amulet of Destiny

Amulet of Destiny, 3D retro rogue-like, Dungeon Crawler,  crammed with old school, 16 bit graphics for extra awesomeness.

Your quest has begun to retrieve the sacred Amulet of Destiny, hidden somewhere within the depths of Ever-Death Dungeon, the most ridiculously fortified underground maze, crawling with even more ridiculous monsters and traps, in the whole of the four kingdoms. Can you prevail where everyone who has gone before failed?, Equipped with just a trusty sword and the meagerest of armour for protection?

Well actually you start with nothing.

Good luck!

  • ESC - Main Menu
  • WSAD or Arrow keys to move
  • SPACE  - Jump
  • Q - Run/Sprint
  • C - Crouch
  • E - Interact
  • I - Inventory
  • M - Map
  • O - Options

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