Amulet of Destiny

Amulet of Destiny

Amulet of Destiny, 3D retro rogue-like, Dungeon Crawler,  crammed with old school, 16 bit graphics for extra awesomeness.

Your quest has begun to retrieve the sacred Amulet of Destiny, hidden somewhere within the depths of Ever-Death Dungeon, the most ridiculously fortified underground maze, crawling with even more ridiculous monsters and traps, in the whole of the four kingdoms. Can you prevail where everyone who has gone before failed?, Equipped with just a trusty sword and the meagerest of armour for protection?

Well actually you start with nothing.

Good luck!

  • ESC - Main Menu
  • WSAD or Arrow keys to move
  • SPACE  - Jump
  • Q - Run/Sprint
  • C - Crouch
  • E - Interact
  • I - Inventory
  • M - Map
  • O - Options

Betrayal at Krondor Mac

Betrayal at Krondor Mac


Betrayal at Kronor is based on Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar Saga, a medieval fantasy role playing game, set in the Riftwar universe. Developed by Dynamix, and published by Sierra On-Line in 1993.


The game's story is split up into 9 chapters which each has a goal that needs to be achieved before progressing to the next one. You do have a fair amount of freedom to explore each chapter with many side quests available. Betrayal at Krondor starts with Gorath, Locklear and Owyn are the first party characters however others may join/leave as the story evolves.

Walk through

Chapter 1 - Into a Dark Night

  • As the story begins, Owyn, is tending Seigneur Locklear's wounds. An Assassin enters the camp and Gorath suddenly shouts. Gorath kills the assassin and the adventure begins.
  • Take the Assassins lock picks and rations by clicking on his corpse.
  • A dialogue will start after a few steps. Locklear will unlock Gorath's chains and make Owyn come along to prevent him from talking.
  • The easiest way is to head south. Beside the path you will see a 'Moredhel' box. Gorath translates the inscription however you have to answer the riddle to open the box. Turn the dials to read DIE for the box to open. Inside you will find a sword and some Armour.
  • Head South and Squire Philip will approach. Owyn will talk to him for a while and then you will be able to ask questions about the area.
  • Continue South and enter LaMut. You can buy/sell equipment in the shop and rest at the inn. If you go to the barracks, you will be told about a stolen ruby. (Sub quest).
  • When you leave LaMut and continue South you will be attacked by an assassin. Click on him before the battle starts to get the initiative.
  • Continue south past Zun. When you reach the fork in the road, continue South to take the quickest and safest route back to Krondor.
  • Just beyond the fork in the road there is a trap. Make it to the far side of the screen without walking between any orbs of the same colour.
  • Head South past 'Questor's View' you will find a farmer named Rowe who will offer you shelter from the coming storm. Decline his offer.
  • Continue Southeast until you reach Sarth, Then speak to a character called Brother Marc in a field just beyond Sarth. He will offer to teach Owyn Spell casting and will tell you that his dreams have been interrupted because some spell caster is doing a dream sending.
  • To the south is the Temple of Sung. The high priestess is suffering from a lack of sleep and none of the priests will be able to heal or bless your equipment. 
  • To the Southeast you will see Rowe's barn, click on it and you will be attacked by three 'moredhel' warriors. and a powerful 'Moredhel' spell caster.
  • After you defeat the spell caster return to the temple and the priestess will teach Owyn a spell as thanks for defeating the spell caster.
  • Go South past a few enemies and enter Krondor.
  • Once you visit the palace, you will find that the gates won't open and Seigneur James is missing.
  • Enter the sewers below the city and you will be confronted by a thief called Limm but will be allowed to pass.
  • Head left, then North at the next fork. Shortly you will be attacked by three Nighthawks.
  • Enter the passage North to meet a character called Seigneur James. He will give you the Royal Key of Krondor.
  • Most of the locks at the top of the ladders are broken, but there is a good one near the top right part of the sewers. Use the Royal Key of Krondor to enter the Palace.

Speed run

One of my favourite Betrayal at Krondor speed runs by puri_puri. He also does Elder Scrolls and some other classic RPG's, be sure to check out his Twitch channel

Betrayal at Kronor Remake

After playing the game for quite some time, off and on over the years,  I can see a Betrayal at Krondor remake would definitely be something worthwhile. At least a Chapter 1 to start with to see how it went. Anyway a great game to play if you spend the time to absorb the storyline.

Betrayal at Kronor Download

And finally, this is a single clickable executable for the Mac I've created. It wraps everything up to make it as easy as possible to play.
Betrayal at Krondor download Mac

Daggerfall watch face

Daggerfall watchface

Daggerfall Watch

This s my attempt at an Android wear watch face using the Daggerfall box cover artwork. The screenshot is from the round watch face emulator running in Android Studio.

I'm using the standard Google sample watch face project to keep things simple to start with.
Ambient mode dims the background image, or a least renders it in grayscale, and disables the second hand. Ambient mode only updates the screen every minute to save battery life.

Ive added a Tamriel Calendar that converts the normal Gregorian calendar days of the week and months into what your would expect in game. Turdas 19th day of Second Seed (Which is Today, 19th of May)

Daggerfall Calendar 
Name of
Arena, Daggerfall
Oblivion, Skyrim
Morning StarThe RitualJanuary303131
Sun's DawnThe LoverFebruary30282828‡
First SeedThe LordMarch30313131
Rain's HandThe MageApril30303030
Second SeedThe ShadowMay30313131
Midyear*The SteedJune30303030
Sun's HeightThe ApprenticeJuly30313131
Last SeedThe WarriorAugust30313131
Hearthfire* §The LadySeptember30303030
Frostfall*The TowerOctober30303131
Sun's DuskThe AtronachNovember30313030
Evening StarThe ThiefDecember30313131

The watchface may change as Im not entirely happy with the hands, and may add some more features, however will upload to the Google Play store when finished.

Daggerfall watch face, Elder scrolls watch face

ROBLOX: Math Run -Times table game

Times tables game

Math Run is a ROBLOX game I've created to help my daughters learn their times tables. It utilises a memory palace which are pictures arranged in specific positions within the game world. In my example a train journey around a wild west style desert scene.

Each of the times tables from 3 through to 9 are represented by different pictures which appear along the train track in order. The journey can then be recalled at any time as it will be familiar and then decoded from the pictures to numbers almost instantly with practice.

Times table memory palace using the ROBLOX game platform for kids.

Feel free to give it a try and let me know what you think, it's totally free and can be played with a standard ROBLOX guest account (no sign-up required)

Google Cardboard VR 3D

Cardboard VR 3D

Cardboard VR 3D

VR has been around for a while, but not quite made it to main stream. Recently Oculus and Samsung have been pushing it with Gear VR using ever more powerful mobile devices, and the Google Cardboard API has made it super cheap to develop against.

Both are very impressive platforms (Cardboard & Gear VR) and I think will be around for a while, however currently the VR apps at least seem to be at best glorified tech demo's, nothing I would want to pick up a play for anything longer than 5 minutes.

To that end, and riding the 'this looks really cool wave', this is an update of my latest Android project, which should get finished this time. The plan is to hit the Google play store sometime late June 2016. Not surprisingly it's a dungeon crawler type game (cloned/morphed from an existing project) however using the Google cardboard SDK

The hardware I'm using to test on is my trusty Google Nexus 5 phone and my daughters View-Master®

Hopefully should have more details/screenshots to share shortly

Daggerwind random Pic

This is a totally random Daggerwind pic, nothing much update wise has been happening in the last few weeks due to work pressures and RL (Real Life) in general.

This is quite normal in the life of a part time hobbyist game programmer, and is to be expected. One of the great things is that there are no real pressures, deadlines, or bosses constantly banging on about things.

It recently dawned on me that I will eventually need to release something tangible, that is pretty cool and joined together, kind of like a real game that you can pick up and play for a good 15-20 minutes or so at least without noticing that it isn't really finished. Before I die at least.

Not that I am planning on doing so anytime soon, but is a sobering thought. What if, and have this thing sitting on my hard-drive (and backed up of course), but is so close, and yet so far. Umm.

The focus now is to just join every frickin thing up as it stands, warts an all so that at least I can get something that vaguely resembles a finished game out.

Daggerwind Dungeon

Back in the dungeon, tweaking the random dungeon generator for Daggerwind. Nothing that drastic has changed but haven't posted  a recent dungeon shot in a while, so is kind of an excuse to add one really.

Looks deserted in the screenshot, but danger lurks just around the corner. Only have spiders and skeletons at the moment, however many more to follow.

Have added some more random placements, banners, barrels, crates and various other dungeon like props. The wall and floor textures are also randomly generated, some combinations looking slightly odd, but then again re-playing Elder scrolls Arena and Daggerfall, some of those interiors kind of clash as well.

I've added some volumetric fog that drifts and swirls around which adds to the atmosphere a little, and also some random eerie sound effects for good measure. 

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