Roguelike Minor update

Have been working on a few more features and bug fixes, just finishing off Lock-able doors at the moment. A few other small updates include the following:
  • Added Save game menu item
  • Added message 'Game Saved!' to auto save
  • Toggle 'Resume' & 'Play Game' if game saved
  • Added 'Congratulations, you died' message on death
  • Corrected spelling of 'health potion' in book
  • Added food item, 'Lemon Cheesecake'
Lots more stuff to follow, will release when there are enough changes.

Roguelike Update

roguelike j2me

Have been updating the J2ME Roguelike, Rogues Lair I started a while ago. It wasn't quite as finished as I remembered, so have decided to add some more features and stuff.

This most likely will be done overtime, but here is what I've added at the moment:

  • New Items, Amulets,Rings,Necklaces
  • Secret doors
  • Loads more food
  • Minor bug fixes
Obviously this is just a start, many more features to follow. Once I have enough changes to make it worth while, will post an updated download. The original download can be found here

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