Game Inventory

Game inventory now implemented, have updated the playable demo to version 0.2.
The 'I' key toggles the inventory window on/off. Double clicking the items in the Inventory automatically equips the item.

At present there are 20 unique equipable items from the excellent FroGames 'Warriors and Commoners' pack. More to be added as the game progresses. With the combination of different textures, colour manipulation, and randomly generated text descriptions and stats, thousands of different items will be possible.

To fit the demo into the layout of this blog, there are some minor visual glitches with some of the GUI elements, (Will have to get it scaling better) but for the time being, you should be able to see the loot and inventory windows working correctly.

Loot System

Loot System
A small update, added a Loot System to the game, a chest and loads of random items.
A loot window opens up after moving close to the Chest (Chest lid opening animation and particle effects)

A random amount of items icons are displayed. At the moment I only have 5 but has been designed with scalability in mind. We need thousands of items, so more will be constantly added over time.

Using the 'Necromancer' Unity3D GUI system that can be downloaded for free at the Unity Asset store.

Elder Scrolls Arena Mac

Elder Scrolls Arena Mac

Elder Scrolls Arena Mac Download:

I actually play Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall on a regular basis, although the graphics have long been surpassed, the game-play is timeless. Playing these games on modern hardware however, and Macs in particular can be quite a challenge.

The excellent DOSBOX makes this possible, but needs you to engage your little grey brain cells for a short period of time. (Mount this, Mount that and add a c: Tild backslash and some other stuff).
For Mac users it's a little harder as Bethesda supply the download that needs a Windows machine to run the Install program. (Seems to just extract the required files and nothing else)

To that end, I've created a single executable file that you just need to click to run the game. Nothing else!!

The zip file contains an executable that runs on a Mac with just a single click and the official Manual in PDF format. (Nothing else to download, couldn't be easier) The Elder Scolls Arena download link below.

If your interested, please see my current Elder Scrolls Arena Remake Project:

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