Dungeon Dude version 0.3

Dungeon Dude

Updated Dungeon Dude (working title) to version 0.3.

New features include:

  • Menu Screen

  • Character Customisation

  • Character Stats

  • Basic Combat System

  • Additional Items (Potions)

Also added some mist effects and weapon trails in the Dungeon as well.

Character Customisation

This is the Character customization screen, change the look of your character. Head, Skin Colour, Hair Style, Hair Colour, Height and weight of character etc. (Can rotate the character to see all the changes you make if required)

As this will be a 3rd Person perspective game, looking at the back of the characters head all the time, maybe customizing the character in this way is a bit of a fruitless task, however in the spirit of RPG's this is an essential part of the experience.

I've added some pretty cool particles to the scene to make it more pleasing to the eye, the ground has a rippling orange smoke type effect that you will only see in these sort of games.

As always, first pass so will re-visit from time to time to add a bit of spit and polish.

Back in the Dungeon

dungeon dude
Back in the dungeon, refined the Combat first pass that I've been working on in my test or sandpit level. The main game will be set in the Random Dungeon I've created, however all development is based in a test level. (Previous two screenshots of outside area)

Combat System Part 1

RPG Combat System

Have made a start on the combat system for the RPG I've been working on. Will spend a fair bit of time as it needs to be pretty solid as I plan to have a lot of it in the final game, needs to be good.

The intention is the first pass will get all the basic right, then at a latter point can fine tune and add the bells, whistles and particle effects. Not only does it need to be good, but also needs to look good. (Will get the basics right first though)

In the screenshot you can see I have the Enemy health and player health bar working, and a standard one hand slash animation for player and enemy. Also a hit or recoil animation when the weapon hits and finally death animation for when the health bar reaches zero (Basic Combat)

By the end of the week should have the blood splatter particle effect and weapon trail effect.

The second pass will make it a little more sophisticated, multiple animations based on weapon type, multiple blood splatters based on damage done. Floating text to denote damage, multiple sound effects, and a few other tweaks and finishing touches.

Will keep you updated on the progress.

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