Daggerwind Random Town

Daggerwind Random Town
Here are some older screenshots of my Daggerfall remake project, Daggerwind. This is the game I've always been trying to make ever since first playing it. (Or perhaps Elder Scrolls I Arena) Many have said it looks more Arena-ish than Daggerfall. Either way, it's a game inspired by a combination of them both. Old school RPG, Massive randomly created world, Random dungeons, Towns, everything.
Will update the main site when I can remember the password, but until then here a couple screenshots of one of the towns, completely random, and in the style of Arena/Daggerfall, totally massive. Daggerwind Random Town
The Town can be easily as large as Daggerfall towns, it's comprised of an array 12 x 12 grid of tiles (can be more if required), each tile containing between 8 to a dozen separate buildings. The Random Town generator creates a 3 x 3 grid around the player, adding and removing tiles in the same way as the Infinite terrain generator.

More Daggerwind updates: http://www.paulrowlandapps.com/2014/02/daggerwind-npcs.html

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