Character Creator

The Character Creator, Character Generation system needs to be overly complex and epic looking to be a true RPG. A mind boggling array of stats that all seem to be magically entwined is a must as well.
For this game I will be sticking with a more traditional Dungeons and Dragons, or Elder scrolls type of stat system.


That sort of thing.

Also we will need a rules engine, or a sort of RPG rule system that controls how the stats interact with each other, and what effects they have to the game world. I've created a separate class that will perform this task. Later on this will expand out to make maintenance easier. For now I'm not exactly sure how it will look, so has plenty of time to evolve.

Also, we will need formulas, and loads of them. I've taken inspiration from the old computer MUD's and Roguelikes as opposed to the pen and paper role playing games, AD&D, GURPS, Tunnels and Trolls etc. These types systems are great for humans, but computers are able to process millions of rules in a fraction of a second. The advantage being a much more advanced and in-depth system.
Again for now I'm not exactly sure what I'll need, or how complex I'll need them, so will start nice and simple with a few HP?EXP/LEVEL kind of calculations.

I will update this blog entry with the actual formulas at a later point.

The screenshot shows what I have at present, using the fantastic 'Necromancer GUI Skin' that's available for free in the Unity asset store.

J2ME Roguelike

j2me roguelike

This is another old project, around 2006 written in Java for mobile devices. Again totally random dungeons as would would expect a roguelike to have, random monsters, random items even random dungeon names.

Turn based with perma-death, no games saves to turn back on, totally old school Nethack rogue type loveliness.

This was pretty much finished, even with 8bit spit and polish applied (Splash, credits, high-scores, bags of reply-ability)

Just got completely sick and tired before deciding what to do with it.


  • Random Dungeons

  • Random Monsters

  • Random Items

  • Unlimited Levels

  • Inventory

  • Turn Based

  • Perma Death

  • Save Game

  • High Scores

  • Configuration File

Rogues Lair Download

Elder Scrolls 6

elder scrolls VI

Have been playing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim quite a lot recently, which got me wondering about the Elder Scroll's series (Elder Scrolls 6) ?, in particular the first 2. Arena and Daggerfall.

In case you didn't know, or haven't played the very old Elder scrolls games, the first two were essentially random worlds. Morrowind was the first in the series to introduce a static, hand built environment.

Although I really enjoyed playing Morrorwind, Oblivion and Skyrim, they don't compare to the emence game-play random worlds offer. Admit-idly they do tend to be samey, however the technology has come a long was since then, and now should be the time to develop a really cleaver, random world engine.

The Elder Scrolls VI (Elder Scrolls 6), whatever, should in my view try to resurrect the old era of randomly generated content.
elder scrolls 6

Unfortunately we will have a fairly long wait as the development cycle for games in this series average 4 or 5 years. Morrowind 2002, Oblivion 2006, Skyrim 2011. And will most likely be released for the XBOX 720 or PlayStation 4.

Random worlds are definitely the way to go.

Dude In A Dungeon

dude in a dungeon

I've added a static page with a working version of the project I'm currently working on. Temporary title 'Hack and Slash' or 'Dungeon Crawl', or what I've called it for the time being, 'Dude in a Dungeon' as it's not much more than that at the moment.

Over the next few weeks, probably rolling into months as well, I will be commenting on the progress (or lack off), but also upload working demo's each time. These will be web player version, warts and all so be patient. (Falling through the floor, crashing, invisible walls and the like are all part of the development process, be warned)

Please feel free to comment, offer suggestions or follow me on Twitter to get the latest on 'Dude in a Dungeon' (Which hopefully will expand out into a pretty cool random dungeon crawler, Hack and Slash action RPG sort of game, who knows)

Also if you're interested, add your e-mail to the mailing list, and as the project rolls on will send out extra stuff and cool freebies from time to time. (Nothing spammy or anything like that)

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