Dude In A Dungeon

dude in a dungeon

I've added a static page with a working version of the project I'm currently working on. Temporary title 'Hack and Slash' or 'Dungeon Crawl', or what I've called it for the time being, 'Dude in a Dungeon' as it's not much more than that at the moment.

Over the next few weeks, probably rolling into months as well, I will be commenting on the progress (or lack off), but also upload working demo's each time. These will be web player version, warts and all so be patient. (Falling through the floor, crashing, invisible walls and the like are all part of the development process, be warned)

Please feel free to comment, offer suggestions or follow me on Twitter to get the latest on 'Dude in a Dungeon' (Which hopefully will expand out into a pretty cool random dungeon crawler, Hack and Slash action RPG sort of game, who knows)

Also if you're interested, add your e-mail to the mailing list, and as the project rolls on will send out extra stuff and cool freebies from time to time. (Nothing spammy or anything like that)


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