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current game project

So here it is, my current project. I've decided that I will do nothing else on any of my other unfinished stuff, no distractions, no tinkering, just keep focus on this. (I have a feeling that I simply won't be able to do this deep down, due to the way I am. A whole lifetime of not finishing many of my game projects seem to be telling me this)

However this will be an attempt to break a habit of a lifetime, a sort of quest. Sounding better already, most definitely a Quest!

In my mind I know what I want to achieve, so no 'Design Document' for this, and besides I'm working alone so no need really.
I also know that everything needs to be randomized, so no need for Level designers. All the levels for the game will be auto-magically created on the fly, wonderful.

Another thing is that RPG games tend to have loads of stuff:
  1. Quests
  2. Complex character creation
  3. Inventory System
  4. Whizzy combat system with stats and things
  5. Spells, Magic and Dragons (Don't steal this as a title)

Well, I know another killer for indie game devs that like to do everything thing them selves are 'features' and 'scope creep' (nothing ever gets finished because there's always so much to do)

This project will avoid that by having absolutely no features what so ever. This game will be the most cut down, devoid of features, nothing much to code Dungeon crawler, Hack and Slash Action RPG know to man.

..well it will be to start with at least.

The aim is to create a fully working game, not demo, that has all the spit and polish, Menus screen with cool D&D type writing, credits screen, 100 randomly generated levels (albeit mostly looking the same to start with)

Just explore the dungeon levels, to see how far you can actually get. Simple

Working title 'Hack and Slash', will try to post with updates as often as I can.


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