IrrWizard Video

IrrWizard produces a game project skeleton based on the Irrlicht rendering engine. It creates all the necessary source code, project files and dll's at the click of a few buttons. It can create a simple project such as 'Hello World', to a fully functional FPS game. It is designed to produce highly robust and exdendable code that will give the hobbyist game programmer a solid base to work from, saving time by auto generating much of the dull and boring stuff. Key Features

Automatic C++ code generation
Creates working Visual Stuio or Dev C++ project file
Clean and well documented
Creates a solid game framework

Game Features

State patterned framework
Finite State Machine
Enemies with animated states
A* Pathfinding
Shooting code
Health/Ammo pickups
Quake style weapon manager
XML config manager
Audiere or FMOD sound
Splash, Menu and scrolling credits screen


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