Daggerwind Dungeon

Back in the dungeon, tweaking the random dungeon generator for Daggerwind. Nothing that drastic has changed but haven't posted  a recent dungeon shot in a while, so is kind of an excuse to add one really.

Looks deserted in the screenshot, but danger lurks just around the corner. Only have spiders and skeletons at the moment, however many more to follow.

Have added some more random placements, banners, barrels, crates and various other dungeon like props. The wall and floor textures are also randomly generated, some combinations looking slightly odd, but then again re-playing Elder scrolls Arena and Daggerfall, some of those interiors kind of clash as well.

I've added some volumetric fog that drifts and swirls around which adds to the atmosphere a little, and also some random eerie sound effects for good measure. 

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