Combat System Part 1

RPG Combat System

Have made a start on the combat system for the RPG I've been working on. Will spend a fair bit of time as it needs to be pretty solid as I plan to have a lot of it in the final game, needs to be good.

The intention is the first pass will get all the basic right, then at a latter point can fine tune and add the bells, whistles and particle effects. Not only does it need to be good, but also needs to look good. (Will get the basics right first though)

In the screenshot you can see I have the Enemy health and player health bar working, and a standard one hand slash animation for player and enemy. Also a hit or recoil animation when the weapon hits and finally death animation for when the health bar reaches zero (Basic Combat)

By the end of the week should have the blood splatter particle effect and weapon trail effect.

The second pass will make it a little more sophisticated, multiple animations based on weapon type, multiple blood splatters based on damage done. Floating text to denote damage, multiple sound effects, and a few other tweaks and finishing touches.

Will keep you updated on the progress.


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