Roguelike Update

roguelike j2me

Have been updating the J2ME Roguelike, Rogues Lair I started a while ago. It wasn't quite as finished as I remembered, so have decided to add some more features and stuff.

This most likely will be done overtime, but here is what I've added at the moment:

  • New Items, Amulets,Rings,Necklaces
  • Secret doors
  • Loads more food
  • Minor bug fixes
Obviously this is just a start, many more features to follow. Once I have enough changes to make it worth while, will post an updated download. The original download can be found here


Магазинчик said...

Nice. But better post updates, because we can help u find bags.

Anonymous said...

Great work, keep it up!

PaulRowlandApps said...

Cheers Fox, Guys, much appreciated, will get some more features n' fixes in to make it worth the while testing.

svakill said...

Oh, i think it's so stupid to ask something after 6 years, but can anyone re-upload it?

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