Google Cardboard VR 3D

Cardboard VR 3D

Cardboard VR 3D

VR has been around for a while, but not quite made it to main stream. Recently Oculus and Samsung have been pushing it with Gear VR using ever more powerful mobile devices, and the Google Cardboard API has made it super cheap to develop against.

Both are very impressive platforms (Cardboard & Gear VR) and I think will be around for a while, however currently the VR apps at least seem to be at best glorified tech demo's, nothing I would want to pick up a play for anything longer than 5 minutes.

To that end, and riding the 'this looks really cool wave', this is an update of my latest Android project, which should get finished this time. The plan is to hit the Google play store sometime late June 2016. Not surprisingly it's a dungeon crawler type game (cloned/morphed from an existing project) however using the Google cardboard SDK

The hardware I'm using to test on is my trusty Google Nexus 5 phone and my daughters View-Master®

Hopefully should have more details/screenshots to share shortly


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