Lander [HTML5]

Lunar Lander HTML5 web game

Lander, a retro arcade space simulator similar to 'Lunar Lander' with elements of 'Thrust' Guide your spacecraft through large scrolling levels to complete various missions.

Tilt your craft left, right or up to apply thrust. Insainly difficult to master, just like flying a lunar module for real.

Left and Right Arrow keys to tilt the Lunar Lander, Up arrow for Thrust. The objective of each level will be announced at the start, for example collect fuel and return to base.

Each level becomes harder as the amount of fuel required slowly decreases. The further you progress the harder it becomes. Each level has been independently verified as being possible to complete, despite appearing extremely difficult, and seemingly impossible to start with.

The more you play, the more your skill will increase. Good luck!

Created using Game Salad by iPhone game developer, Paul Rowland.

Lander, free in app store

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