iPhone Deployment

Dungeon Dude iPhone
Deployed a very UN-optimized version of Dungeon Dude to an iDevice, just as a checkpoint to see if everything still works out of the editor. A lot of development has gone on, and is kind of re-assuring to find out: A) It still works without crashing, and B) pretty good frame rate considering it on my crappy iPhone 3G.

Will forge on with more features without worrying too much about performance as have plenty of tricks still yet to come to squeeze out the frame rate.

Also been working on the resolution independence, designing iPad and iPhone GUI screens to work as a Universal app. (Quite challenging trying to fit masses of RPG type stats with buttons in a 480 x 320 legacy iPhone screen) Also been playing around with different 512 x 512 Icons, which undoubtedly will change over time, however will do for now.


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