Roguelike BlackBerry

Blackberry Roguelike

I've taken a slight break from working on my current project, Dungeon Dude, a 3D Hack and slash RPG to convert an old J2ME roguelike I did a while back to BlackBerry.

It was called Rogues Lair which I posted here. At the time I was quite happy to release the source as I thought I couldn't monetize it at all, but forgot about BlackBerry App World.

The plan was to make some minor tweaks and add a new Menu Background as I used the original 'Rogue' splash as temporary artwork, should have been a couple days max. However I didn't plan on the Blackberry tool chain being a complete load of pants, or at least for Mac users. RIM certainly doesn't make it easy!

Anyway, I think I'm nearly there now, just the final push over the line.


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