Emergency Fix waiting review

Release 1.1.3 did have a fair amount of bug fixes, however went disasterouly wrong as it managed to get through the QA department, (essentially me), with a serious show stopping bug in it. Managed to get past the BB App world reviewer also, not quite sure how though.

In the meantime I've taken it off sale, and submitted as a priority ticket version 1.1.4 which will fix the 'Uncaught Exception', Null pointer. (13/12/12 16:55)

So, am very sorry about that, but hopefully should be resolved once the fix gets accepted.

The offending code did have a check for a Null pointer where it failed. However got re-factored at a later date, which is where the problem occured. Still doing a check for a null pointer, but too late in the flow. (Schoolboy error)

I didn't notice it, as the object had already been persited/saved, so would never be null on my device. In future will remove the app, and re-install from scratch prior to any furture releases.

Again sincerest appologies Paul


Anonymous said...

Any idea when we can expect the new update release?

PaulRowlandApps said...

At the moment, RIM vendor support aren't responding to my mails. I haven't needed to contact them until now, so am not too sure how long they usually take. Have been chasing however.

The previous release took 2 days from when I submitted it, which is already that long for this one now.

I'm hoping very soon, but have no real indication as to where in the queue it is unfortunately.

As soon as I spot it's been approved, will let you know.

PaulRowlandApps said...

at last, version 1.1.4 available in App World!

Tom Jarvis said...

New version works great on my Bold 9700 and 9930!! Thanks Paul!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just got this and I keep getting -2 and the increasing negatives when equiping the helm or blunt sword... Am I just doing something wrong or is this the glitch you're talking about? I have 1.1.4

Tom Jarvis said...

Love the upgrades, man - you've got a potential epic rogue here! Rogue's sucess is the SIMPLICITY and sticking to the basics while taking user input to heart. Keep up the good work Mr. Rowland!

PaulRowlandApps said...

Cheers Tom, many thanks for your comments. For sure will keep updating along the lines of a classic Roguelike.

At the moment I'm basically using feedback from App world reviews and Blog comments to drive bug fixing and features.

PaulRowlandApps said...

.. will look at the -2 increasing negatives when equipping bug also. Or is that a new 'cursed items' feature :)

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