Game Title Screen

Daggerwind menu
Have re-visited the title screen as the first attempt wasn't particularly good. The camera pans in along a spline, the candle flickers and there's a little movement from the female model's idle animation.

The title text is a little better also. Will leave it alone for now as I think it works quite well, and don't really have the luxury of spending large amounts of time making it look perfect.

Although not that crucial to the game at this point, the plan is to create a tech demo that will have everything from start to finish. Splash, Menu, Character Creation, Character Customization. Then Random Dungeon, Random Town and Endless Terrain making the full game start to finish, albeit with very short game-play to start with. 15 minutes or so until content is expanded upon.
 (Content being more random tiles and stuff)


Unknown said...

Very nice work on this Daggerwind project I must say! Is this an iOS app? Also, my team and I are working on a very similar PC project that you may want to get involved with perhaps...? Is there a way I can contact you privately?

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