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rogues lair blackberry

Lost a little momentum over the Christmas and New years period, however now back in the swing of things.

Just submitted Rogues Lair 1.1.6 to Blackberry App world, should take a couple or three days to filter through however.

Not a major release, just some more content added to the mid to end game.

At present working at trying to get some of the suggestions from feedback and post comments in the game, needs to be a little more varied, more custom stuff etc.

Also an updated J2ME version, need to figure some things out first, however shouldn't be too long now.


Unknown said...

Keep up the good work! RL has replaced tetris for me - and that says A LOT (20 year addiction) lol

Unknown said...

I'll sell my soul for another update.... Wait I already did that for Final Fantasy.... I'll pay for the app again!!! Lol
-Desparate dungeon dweller

Cherry said...

Hi i just bought the game today... had issues with inventory came here to look for solution and see that this update is supposed to fix it.

actually i can't switch inventory items some item are cursed i got that is function of the game but even on normal items i have troubles.
it looks like the cursed items keep cursing my stat even if i drop them.
so i have to drop all my items on ground , but even doing this something going wrong i can't get full stats i should get :( hope you can patch this soon because the game is mostly unplayable actually

PaulRowlandApps said...

Hi Cherry,

I'm sorry to hear this. A work-around may be to start again from fresh as something could have gone wrong during a save point.

In the meantime I will see if I can do something about fixing the bug.

Kind Regards

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