Daggerfall Mac Updated

Daggerfall Mac
I've uploaded an updated version of Daggerfall that includes all of the latest Bethesda patches to version 2.13. Also the issue with not being able to save games has been resolved, tested against Mac OS 10.9.1 Mavericks. Just unzip and click on file to play. No other software to download, no configuration or setup required, everything already included. Daggerfal Mac download page


Bruce said...

Firstly thanks for the great work! And I'm following Daggerwind quite closely, sounds like it has epic potential!

I downloaded your Daggerfall for Mac and it runs fine. But once I exit the game and restart it, I find myself staring at a basic DOS command prompt like 'Z:\>' and I have no clue how to start Daggerfall from there.

I can always unzip the original file and play the game but obviously I won't have my saved games. So please let me know what to do whenever u see this post.

Thanks a lot for your work! Greatly appreciated!

PaulRowlandApps said...

Hi Bruce,

This is odd, Unfortunately I haven't been able to re-create what you are experiencing.

Here is what I've done:
1. Download 'Elder Scrolls Dagerfall' from link
2. Unzip Executable onto desktop
3. Double click executable icon, game starts within DosBox
4. Create character, play game, save game, exit game
5. DOS prompt at c:\DAGGER>
6. Type 'exit' and game closes to desktop
7. Double click executable icon, game start again within DosBox

I've also tried Force Quit at step 6, but still restarted again as before.

What you've described is what you would normally get if you started DosBox without using the preconfigured Wrapper that's in the zip file.

Just to confirm, you've:
1. Downloaded and unzipped file
2. Doubled clicked file that was unzipped
3. Games starts

However when you double click to start a second time, gets a DOS prompt withing DosBox

Also what version of OSX are you using?

Kind Regards

Bruce said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help. I had unzipped the file to my Downloads folder where I had the issue. But now after unzipping it to desktop it runs fine. Not sure why though. But thanks a lot for your quick reply and help!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a Mac and PS3 gamer, and I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan and plan on playing every single title of the Elder Scrolls, and I love and appreciate what you are doing to help make that dream come true. Now on to the problem. I've ha trouble opening the game, whenever I try it is opening but then crashes saying I need something called "X11" or "Xquartz." I was wondering if this was necessary or if there was another way around it. Thank you so much, I'll be sure to check back every few days for a response.

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