Daggerwind NPC's

The NPC Quest and Dialog system I was planning on buying in from the Unity asset store. Wheels do not need to be re-invented, and if I have any chance of actually finishing this project, picking my battles is definitely key. However, off the shelf quest systems seem to be geared towards hand crafted NPC's, not randomly generated at run time. Daggerwind quest
I've started to create my own NPC quest and dialog system that will fit better into the randomly generated world that I'm creating.
From the screenshot you can also see real game time being tracked with the day/night cycle and timed lights from the Tavern to the right.

Torem Kelg - Evil Alchemist 

“Here you go, lad! Drink up, it’s on the house!”

Appearance: A short, stout elderly man with a bald scalp and full white beard, Torem wears a number of charms around his neck for various travel deities, all gifts from travelers. Torem wears an apron and, when not serving patrons, is constantly wiping glasses.

Roleplaying: Torem acts as if every patron is an old friend, even if meeting one for the first time. He is always cheery and upbeat, consoling hurting patrons that nothing is as bad as it seems.

Personality: He is almost giddy, but that’s because of what he’s secretly doing to transient patrons.

Motivation: Torem wants to create monsters in order to make his tavern a more popular destination for adventurers.

Background: Torem is a frustrated alchemist who was unappreciated by his previous employers due to his lack of ethics. He settled down as an innkeeper in a new land. His inn is located in a quiet village that did not sit on any main roads. Torem has decided to drum up business by poisoning travelers with magical beverages, turning them into monsters. e monsters have attracted adventurers from all around and have made the inn quite popular. Torem drinks are harmless unless the second component, a morning beverage, is taken the next day. As the two drinks are inert otherwise, Torem has managed to fool the few investigators who took notice of the drinks.

Traits: (WC) Abhorrent, business, criminal, magical, merchant


Anonymous said...

Hey, stumbled upon this from your Arena download for Mac. How's the development going on this?

PaulRowlandApps said...

Hi Hank, Thanks for stopping by.

The project I'm currently working on, which is a kind of Arena/Daggerfall type of game is progressing, but at a kind of slower pace than I would have liked. (However is moving forward which is good)

I have a 4 and 8 year old that are constantly on the main computer either playing Minecraft or on the cbeebies website, so getting computer time is harder than it's ever been.

The main push for me at the moment is to get a demo out, however it needs to be pretty special as in my mind I have high expectations for it as a project.

I'm still enjoying it, so anythings possible.

Kind regards

seth kaine said...

Fantastic! I also run a project for years. combining Oblivion and DCC RPG.

Unknown said...

i want to download but i can't find the link..

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