ROBLOX: Math Run -Times table game

Times tables game

Math Run is a ROBLOX game I've created to help my daughters learn their times tables. It utilises a memory palace which are pictures arranged in specific positions within the game world. In my example a train journey around a wild west style desert scene.

Each of the times tables from 3 through to 9 are represented by different pictures which appear along the train track in order. The journey can then be recalled at any time as it will be familiar and then decoded from the pictures to numbers almost instantly with practice.

Times table memory palace using the ROBLOX game platform for kids.

Feel free to give it a try and let me know what you think, it's totally free and can be played with a standard ROBLOX guest account (no sign-up required)


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this game is awesome

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It will not let me play it:(

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how ya get in

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