J2ME Roguelike

j2me roguelike

This is another old project, around 2006 written in Java for mobile devices. Again totally random dungeons as would would expect a roguelike to have, random monsters, random items even random dungeon names.

Turn based with perma-death, no games saves to turn back on, totally old school Nethack rogue type loveliness.

This was pretty much finished, even with 8bit spit and polish applied (Splash, credits, high-scores, bags of reply-ability)

Just got completely sick and tired before deciding what to do with it.


  • Random Dungeons

  • Random Monsters

  • Random Items

  • Unlimited Levels

  • Inventory

  • Turn Based

  • Perma Death

  • Save Game

  • High Scores

  • Configuration File

Rogues Lair Download


Maruda said...

Interesting, any chance to get a download of that?

PaulRowlandApps said...

Yes, indeed, sorry for the late reply. Will dig this out and put a link up shortly.

Anonymous said...

can you put up a download link? thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Please put the download link

PaulRowlandApps said...

Ahh, sorry for the delay guys, initially thought the game was dead and buried as nothing much is happening with J2ME games these days, however just remembered what I was going to do with it. (Blackberry App World)

If it doesn't work out, will post the full source here afterwards. (So be patient!)

Anonymous said...

Here's another person waiting for the download link. Looks like your project is not as dead and buried as you thought. ;) Some of us still have J2ME-only phones, after all...

PaulRowlandApps said...

OK Guys, have put up a link for those who have J2ME Mobile phones. The game was called Rogues Lair and the .zip contains the .jad and .jar files needed to run on a device or emulator.

Had it working without any problems on my old Samsung D600. Would be interested to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, tks man

Магазинчик said...

Paul, why so fucking long?
Put the fucking link in description.

Магазинчик said...

Okay, about the game: worth roguelike-game on j2me ever.
Mystic islands, "Rogue-like", Dweller are have many intresting features, but "rogue lair" can just USE\DROP.
All items the same. Helmet,sword, helmet,sword...POTION...helmet,sword.
Bag with monster, that shoot in one direction. What the fuck? He can't turn around? You ever tested this peace of shitfuck?
Boring, stupid and not intresting at all.
May forget about porting this shitness on some other platforms, if u care about u game-maker reputation.

PaulRowlandApps said...

Hi Foxbreak, have added the link in the description.

Am adding new stuff/features at the moment, stop by again, will put another version up soon.

Магазинчик said...

Good for u, dude.

Anonymous said...

So, the guy makes a J2ME roguelike and decides not to continue development. He makes a post here, and suddenly everyone's pestering him about the link, because it looks good and he did say it was pretty much finished.

He finally does, and immediatly gets his head bashed in because it's unpolished and unfinished. Well, DUH. Didn't you read the original post?

Thanks for releasing it, Paul, and thanks for updating it. We always knew we weren't getting a completely polished product, you said as much. I'm happy to see you've decided to resume work on it, too.

Anonymous said...

Can't download it. Please re-upload it to some other place.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Please reupload!!

Unknown said...

link not work
please reupload

Cory Roberts said...

Would love an upload if anyone had a copy handy. Thanks!

Lanzz said...

Please reupload. Thanks...

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