Back on Track RL 1.1.4

RL (Rogues Lair) Version 1.1.4 finally reaches BB App world. Main features include:

  • Well, nothing really, only the fact it loads up!

Which is not that impressive, however version 1.1.3 went past in a flash so here are the main features:

  • Fixed bug that lost some items when saved.
  • Equipped items, remain equipped after game load
  • Added message if Inventory full
  • Increased capacity of the Inventory
  • Minor game re-balance (now slightly harder)
  • All Enemies health increased slightly
  • All weapons damage decreased slightly
  • Rings and Amulets now drop slightly later in game
  • New Enemies added, Grey Troll, Rock Troll, Hydra, Ogre

As always, many thanks for your continuing support(Games->Strategy->#5), more bug fixes and features to follow


Anonymous said...

Anytime i unequip items such as the sword i get minus-points in attack that stay for as long as finally die. Anyone else with that problem?

PaulRowlandApps said...

I've looked into this, and can see it's a recent issue unfortunately.

I can see how this is happening and have applied a fix, been testing this for the last few hours, and have just submitted version 1.1.5 to BB App World.

My theory is that as is so close to Christmas, this release will get reviewed really, really fast! (Nobody in their right mind would release stuff this close to Xmas, so Blackberry should be really quiet) ...ummmm

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot! And a happy christmas to you!

Магазинчик said...

So, when will release of j2me version?

PaulRowlandApps said...

I can't generate a fully obfuscated J2ME version from the setup I have at present. Will need to do a bit of work, or find a P.C to generate one from.

Unknown said...

Still thoroughly addicted to Rogues Lair! I was wondering if it is possible to add the ability to throw unused objects at monsters as well as drop them?

PaulRowlandApps said...

Hi Tom, that's interesting, not thought of that. Have ranged code partially implemented, so shouldn't be such a problem to tweak to make that work.

Unknown said...

Cool! That was an option of the original Rogue that I always found entertaining - lol. - and it makes random items useful that would be otherwise useless. Thx for the reply!

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