Elder Scrolls Arena Remake

Elder Scrolls Arena Remake Random Town

This is another one of my projects that has since been permanently confined to my extremely large collection of dead or unfinished projects. Irrwizard, Return to Arena, was probably one of my best attempts at creating an Elder Scrolls Arena remake. (Irrwizard was the name of the game framework I created based on the Irrlicht rendering engine)

It had:

Combat system
Random Dungeons
Random Towns
Day Night Cycle
Inventory (Which wasn't that good)
Some Items
No Quests

The Random town generator wasn't particularly sophisticated, I think you can see in the screenshot that it was basically rows and row of similar looking buildings.

Elder Scrolls Arena Remake Day Night Cycle

The good thing is that it was randomly created, and another good thing was the random generator also created the nodes for the A* Pathfinding. I can remember having NPC's wandering around the Town in a seemingly intelligent manor.

In hindsight, I should of kept going with this as It was pretty well advanced. The problem was that the next shiny thing came along, and I was completely seduced. At the time I Knew I would need to take a couple steps back to move forward, (but didn’t count on various real life situations meant my spare time dramatically decreased, and work slowing ground to a halt)

Elder Scrolls Arema Remake Randon Dungeon

The next best thing btw was Unity3D, so I have that to blame I guess.

When I do my own top 10 of indie game dev's do's and don't, 'being seduced by the next best thing' would definitely be up there.

If your interested, please see my current Elder Scrolls Arena Remake Project:

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Anonymous said...

come on!!
please, it is all most fans of tes arena have been waiting!!

please release something, even if it is an unfinished demo!!

Anonymous said...

Dude this looks so amazing compared to the original, you should pick it back up and finish it. I'm sure there are tons of Arena fans dying to get their hands on this, I know I am.

Anonymous said...

why not at least release the source and let someone else run with it?

PaulRowlandApps said...

Most of the source has already released as it's part of the Game framework I did on sourceforge.

I didn't however add the random town and dungeon generator, which you're right, might be useful. Will need a bit of time to prepare the source for human consumption however.

With modern tools and workflows, doing something like this will be quicker/easier using Unity3D or similar. so wouldn't recommend doing it by hand, even with a sizable code base to start with.

Anonymous said...

where can i download it?

Anonymous said...

this is amazing! what engine you used on screanshot?
it does not look like unity

Marcus Krantz said...

Paul, I am a video game market manager, if you can finish this product sometime this year (2014), I will do my best to bring you on future projects with some extra salary.
You would not believe the demand for a remake of both Arena and Daggerfall, if this can be done successfully, would be an immaculate resume in its self. Let me know.

PaulRowlandApps said...

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. At the minute I'm focusing on creating a Tech demo, which will be most features in the game, but with very limited content, 15 min's or so game-play.

After that will look to expand content and variety in the way the world renders itself.

If I get there, I'll definitely let you know.

Marcu Krantz said...

Most definitely keep me posted Paul, as I stated before if you see just a quarter of the demand we get yearly for remakes of these two game sin particular, it would boggle you.
From what I've heard from a source at Bethesda, they're also very much for the remakes, they just don't have the time, or are unwilling to do the leg work.

TarkinMX said...

So, seeing how your last update on this was well over a year ago, can you give any insight on your progress?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


PaulRowlandApps said...


Anonymous said...

You still working on it?

PaulRowlandApps said...

Yes, and No. Not with the Engine and code I originally started with, however have a Unity code base that have been developing over a long period of time that with morph into an Arena/Daggerfall inspired game eventually.

Unknown said...

As long as you keep your old projects around, you should be able to complete them again. Haha, bet you didn't think there would be viable VR, let alone a VR Skyrim before you were done!

YorisLuke said...

https://discord.gg/EQRuJgf Here some modders are working for a Tes 1: Arena remastered.

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